Ranking Methodology

The Standards of excellence for
Evaluating the best vendors in the business



Only the Best Vendors Meet Our Standards

There are millions of competing businesses in the industries we target, but only a small number of them have the credentials to join our ranks. We research and dial-in on proven organizations; consistent performers with real offices and in-house professionals who make the magic happen every day. Freelancers are great but membership in Great Agencies is strictly limited to serious businesses.


Proven and Reliable
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Media Coverage

The mass media does a great job in identifying the key players in any industry. Chances are that if an agency is frequently cited by the media, they are likely one of the top performers in their line of business.

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Reputation & Compliant Volume

We drill down to find out what reliable, knowledgeable people are saying about an agency. Every business will have the occasional dissatisfied client, but the very best firms have earned a solid reputation that supersedes the occasional negative review.

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Fee Structure

The bottom line always matters but focusing solely on the price of services can be a mistake. What matters most is quality of results delivered for the dollars spent. We thoroughly analyze the fee structure offered by competing firms and provide useful insights into what you’re getting for those fees.

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Firms that have nothing to hide are the firms you want to hire; and are the firms you’ll find at the top of our rankings. The transparency of an agency’s offerings, sales material and website is a key aspect of our evaluation standards.

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The very best agencies have spent valuable time and resources on hiring in-house professionals to perform critical functions. We think this is an important distinction in ranking firms who are competing for your business.

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Accreditations & Expertise

You only want accredited, industry experts working on your project, not “me too” firms looking to layer-on services simply to make a buck. The agencies in our rankings have proven expertise and top accreditations in their chosen specialties. The core competencies of these professionals set them apart from the rest.


Our Business Model

Yes, many of our listings are sponsored because our business model relies on sponsorship fees to keep the business operating. Unfortunately, many of the outstanding agencies and service providers in existence are unable to participate on our platform.

While we do indeed make a great effort to provide the unbiased best evaluations of the agencies listed on our service, ours should never be the last word when choosing a service provider. Our evaluations are our opinions and should not be taken as fact. The last word before hiring any agency, regardless of their ranking on our platform, should come from you, their potential client.

We strongly encourage our users to use our research as a source of information but not rely solely on it when it comes to selecting a service provider. Search on Google, check sites like Yelp and Ripoff Report. Talk to several service providers before making a final decision. Do your homework.